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yes hey hi im zoey & i'm grossly
in love with bang yongguk.

but also sometimes kim namjooon makes me cry ;A;

suckanafricanbitch asked: I wanna know when and how did u exactly fall in love with yongguk?

i really am not even sure???????????

like at first i didnt even listen to bap at all but there was a girl i followed them that posted them all the time and i was like “you know what maybe il give them a shot” and so i did and i watched no mercy and i got really into that and i started to watch all their other videos and performances and i basically got into them right during the end of crash era so i had all the time between crash and one shot to catch up on them so i watched like /everything/ every show i could find and i downloaded all the songs and it was just like “this is it /this/ is my fav group”  and i was v happy

but like i started off daehyun biased???? i really dont know when i switched???? like at first i just thought yongguk was a big geek with a big ass dumb ass smile ((and tbh i was right)) and like i never really payed attention to him bc i didnt think he was my type but then i guess i started to like notice him???? i really dont know when it happened though. i think it kind of happened gradually while i was catching up on stuff but i think it had a lot to do with him on killing camp bc he was literally the cutest thing in the whole world on that show and then i was also starting to learn like how smart and talented he was and by the time one shot came around i was yongguk biased!!! and ever since then my love for yongguk has gotten gradually grosser and grosser!!!! to the point i’m at now!!!! where i literally have cried over him!!!!!!


hey! hey! hey! heeeeeey!

Zelo’s voice cracking during Warrior on MTVK 130516

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Yongguk’s pre-debut message to his fans ;;

"What’s uuuuuup, bay-bee~ Hello, this is Bang Yong Guk. Yes, nice to see you all! Have you all been well? I’ve just finished promotions for ‘Going Crazy‘ and am focusing on my rehearsals again. I’ve always wanted to thank everyone for the love and support I received during promotions. I’ll work hard to repay the love by becoming a great musician. 

Also, please look forward to our five member group! And my fansite, I do monitor it a lot and read all of the comments, so I’ll try to leave more replies when I have time. I hope that you’ll visit often, know what I’m saying? 

Anyway, thank you so much, and I love you. One last thing before I go – ‘You, you, you, can’t ever get away from me!’ Bye, let’s meet again.


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his lips… щ(°Д°щ)

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suckanafricanbitch asked: ''Rapmons jawline looks like a nice place to sit'' hahhaa girl i feel you. Ahhahaa your tags xD





Niel can’t watch his mama dancing OTL *embarrassed*

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"Hyung’s frustration wasn’t due to being unable to speak Korean; when we first met, we didn’t have any issues understanding each other.

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yongguk singing 

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM KIBUM   ☆*:. o(≧▽≦)o .:*☆

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